Eike has been photographing people since he was thirteen. He has lived in Canada, USA, and Mexico and holds
European Union and a Canadian passport. He is Fluent in Spanish and English, with a good understanding of

For 10 years he was a freelance and staff photojournalist for several news papers in western Canada. During
this time he won six awards for his photojournalism. Before this he was awarded a bursary in photography
and studied technical photography for two years at Vancouver Community College.

Since 1988 he has photographed more than 70 television and motion picture productions, is a member of
IATSE 667 and 669, and works out of Vancouver.

On most productions Eike is hired to do both the unit and the gallery photography.
He is very quiet and unobtrusive, and is rarely noticed by the actors.
Many actors appreciate this, and have told him so.

Eike is fully equipped with both digital and film cameras, computers, lighting and grip gear.
If necessary
he can mount his camera anywhere and photograph with a remote radio transmitter.
On one shoot he hired an ultralight to photograph from the sky. He has laid down in mud and rain to attempt to
capture the best image he can.

Eike tries to capture a very strong and telling image when photographing. He does this with light and
composition and looking for the most telling moment, and has been working at this for over 25 years.

Eike's first passion was photography, and he will be doing it for the rest of his life.

"There are no excuses. I gear myself to capture the best images I can, and there is always a great photograph
to be taken.

My clients have a responsibility to advertise and promote a multi million dollar show. They rely on me
to provide them with the very best images I can take, and that is exactly what I want to do.
I work at taking the absolute best images I can.

"I am always looking to improve my best. I am always studying other photographs, styles, techniques and

"When I'm not working on a show I'm shooting documentary. I photograph stories of people in Canada, the US,
and Mexico; on their streets, in their homes, at events, at ceremonies...this is how I stay connected with humanity."